It looks like Pandora couldn’t find the English language album cover so they just threw in the German version. Because, you know, they just had it laying around. That happens to me too sometimes. I’m looking for a book. I can’t find the English version, so I just pick up the German one. The problem [...]

On Getting Into Film Festivals…

CHC: “It”s just so frustratingly subjective. That”s why you have to put a movie star in your movie, because at Like any other drug, buy viagra online too has some side effects. least everyone can agree, this guy is a movie star and maybe I should watch this film.”

Due Date vs. Must Be Received By

Due Date vs. Must Be Received By

So what”s the difference between due date and payment must be received by? As long as I write the check by July 10th, it”s considered on time, even if I don”t mail it in until three weeks later? This seems like a slippery slope… Due Date: July 10 Payment Must be Received by Aug 9 [...]

AT (in reference to Channing Tatum from Magic Mike): “Do you think he’s hotter than you?” CHC: “Uh, he’s more genetically gifted…bastard.”  

The Key to Happiness…

…Is low expectations. I’ve been mulling this one over for a while now, although it makes me sound like a total pessimist. Let’s say it’s your birthday and you’re expecting your significant other to throw you a surprise b-day bash complete with cake, beer, and gifts, but then it doesn’t happen. Instead you come home [...]