On Burping Babies…

AT: “I met a cute baby last night. It was being burped and fed while I was there.” CHC: “I don’t understand, what happens if ¬†you don’t burp the baby, does it explode? I mean, can’t they burp themselves?” AT: “I guess it’s like a volcano. You gotta let some gas out or it will [...]

AT (in reference to¬†Channing Tatum from Magic Mike): “Do you think he’s hotter than you?” CHC: “Uh, he’s more genetically gifted…bastard.”  

Nonsensical Words – Eww! vs Euk!

Nonsensical Words – Eww! vs Euk!

Me (to my mom): “There”s mold all over these strawberries. Want some?” My mom: “Euk!” (when she means to say “Eww!”) Prime example of how us non-native speakers will botch these nonsensical words. In my mom”s defense, the differences between these guttural bits of dialogue are all too subtle. I mean, we”re expected to know [...]

Jesus vs. The Easter Bunny

My mom (after 16 years living in the U.S.): Christian, I don”t understand, what is the deal with the Easter Bunny? Who is this bunny? In Mexico, we only celebrate the Jesus. CHC: I actually don”t know. Answer: since the hare was online casinos believed to be a hermaphrodite in ancient times, the idea that [...]

AT: What are you thinking? CHC: About how unlikely it is for a man on a horse to be able to shoot a man on the 2nd story window of a building.