Somehow I stumbled across this American Apparel product.

Where to begin?

1.) $18 for a pair of underwear that looks like a diaper (never mind that it was $36!)?
2.) The 3D craze has apparently gotten into our pants.
3.) They forgot to airbrush out the armpit hair.
4.) If 3 wasn’t a mistake, what are they saying? “Underwear so hot, your man won’t even notice you forgot to shave.”
5.) Alt 4 – Is it a female power thing – “You don’t have to shave, but for some reason you do have to wear 3D underwear.”
6.) The matching bra opens itself to many one liners – “36DD now in 3D!”
7.) I liked the panties, but the 3D was a little fuzzy. Fuzzy like her armpits?
8.) 3D panties. Glasses (& Razor) not required.

Here’s a closer shot: