We Are In Contact. Greetings.

Sometimes I think ESL people speak like Martians. I”m allowed to say that because I am one, not a martian but an ESL person. For example, I recently received an email from another ESL person that ended with, “We are in contact. Greetings.” He probably had no idea of it either. Because no one ever [...]

A Few Lessons From Set

A Few Lessons From Set

We recently wrapped a commercial for a Mofilm.com competition for Nestea, and it might”ve been the most sleep-depriving project I”ve ever been a part of, which is why, now that I”m on the other side of rested, I figured I would reflect on what I”ve learned from it. Lesson #1.) When you”re running on 3 [...]

I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter!

I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter!

In CHC’s parents’ house, his mom uses butter and cool whip containers to store  left overs because it’s an unnecessary expense to buy Tupperware. So when there’s a lot of leftovers, you gotta open a lot of butter containers just to get to the one you’re actually looking for, the one with actual butter. It [...]

Brilliant Idea #1: Bucket of Earplugs

Brilliant Idea #1: Bucket of Earplugs

Do you have a problem with losing your ear plugs in your sleep? It”s bad enough as it is having to sleep with ear plugs because you”re such a finicky sleeper that the sound of traffic outside your window will wake you from your scantily brief respite. Solution: keep a bucket of ear plugs by [...]

Meditation 101 – Day 4

My mind wandered a lot less today when I counted both the breath in and the breath out. I think the constant focus on the breathing and counting allows for better/deeper meditation. I breathed 36 times today (72 in/outs). Either I was a lot more stressed, or I was way off with yesterday”s 17 count. [...]

Meditation 101 – Day 3

So, looks like good, old JC Deen has raised the bar. He’s now going for 30 days straight in celebration of his birthday month, and given his new photos, it looks like someone should maybe buy him some shirts for his birthday (see here). Day 3: Today I did the counting thing that I saw [...]

Meditation 101 – Day 2

Mostly thought about writing this, “Mostly thought about trying to stop thinking about the Aurora shootings.” Also thought about how I wanted to take a walk before sunset. Thought a lot about the word “nothing.” Rather, I thought the word “nothing” over and over trying to clear my mind and create nothingness. Thought about a [...]

Meditation 101 – Day 1

Angela has been talking up the benefits of meditation for increased focus and decreased depression/negativity/temper for a while now (not that she actually does it), so when I saw internet fitness guru JC Deen”s article on it, I thought I should finally give this a try. It”s one thing for a girl who believes in [...]

On Burping Babies…

AT: “I met a cute baby last night. It was being burped and fed while I was there.” CHC: “I don’t understand, what happens if  you don’t burp the baby, does it explode? I mean, can’t they burp themselves?” AT: “I guess it’s like a volcano. You gotta let some gas out or it will [...]